Dashboard & Analytics

Become an information-led organisation and make the right decision at the right time with a flexible and scalable analytics solution!

The analytics landscape has shifted with business requirements increasing in complexity and the expectation that reports and dashboards should be delivered quickly and easily.

The influx of new tools to the market has forced a change in the approach to analytics with concepts like agility, flexibility and scalability becoming core to any modern analytics strategy. Leading the pack in this modern Business Analytics landscape is Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OACS).

Leveraging M-Power Solutions’ BI Cloud Xcelerate templates enables your organisation to:

  • Deliver enterprise quality reporting and dashboards to users anywhere at any time.
  • Consolidate data on a single platform from virtually any source for a single source of truth.
  • Interactively analyse information with comprehensive drill-down and slice-and-dice capability.
  • Encourage business led data exploration and report development.
  • Reduce the reliance on IT – end-users can take enterprise data and extend it with their own data without IT assistance.
  • Have a solution that scales and grows as the business requirements do.
  • Create advanced and predictive models integrated into your analytics solution.
  • Access reporting and analytics from any mobile device.

M-Power is at the forefront of Oracle BI development in Australia and have designed a suite of quick start, pre-built Xcelerate template solutions which provide packaged options to reduce development timeframes and costs whilst delivering new and exciting functionality.

Oracle BICS provides a Cloud-based, integrated reporting, dashboard and analytic capability which can support any organisations requirements, large or small.


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